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Velma: You, sir, should unmask.
Scooby-Doo: Rindeed?
Velma: Indeed it's time. We have all laid aside disguise but you.
Scooby-Doo: I rwear no rask.
Velma: (Terrified, aside to Fred.) No mask? No mask!

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Postmodernism shitpost depressive neomania
Online for a decade, now there's holes in my brainia
Ideology is all pretty much the sameia
Heyyyyyyy macarena

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It makes sense that country/western aesthetics would be reclaimed by queer folks because country/western has historically always dealt with themes (loneliness, poverty, transition, loss, self-imposed exile) that queer folks are already very intimate with, and understand very well

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u know what's awesome about mastodon i have been annoyed and once creeped out but i never feel like suffering, fronting, and mean behavior are ingrained social currency that the community runs on

Imagine dragons is like a band that opens for car commercial soundtracks

it has come to my attention that SOME PEOPLE dont have the proper appreciation for synth-forward house music so your assignment is to listen to Kaito's Trust. class will end when you have listened to the whole album. thanks.

Gonna start a band that only does music for car commercials

meta; fedi thoughts directed at no one in particular 

so excited for fall im gonna fill my ass with leaves

I'm following too many people and I know this because more often then not I will go to an account and realize that not only have I followed them, but I have absolutely no idea who they are

Spongebob represents the young hopeful adult entering the workforce with naivity, Patrick represent the lazy media consuming American who "live under a rock", squidward represents the cynical uncaring middle class who revels in consumables and luxury, Mr crab is a capitalist.

boiling water on a hotpan connected to the car’s cigarette lighter so that people think i’m having sex in it

part of the problem will always be that abusers aren't stupid and know enough to choose victims with less social capital than them or who are more vulnerable in general and who will be more easily silenced and dismissed

yeah i smoke weed
yeah i suck dick
yeah i cry when i cant save all the earthworms after it rains

@brosadist unless you're way in the country, where the men's fashion is to tuck your jeans halfway into your boots

In Texas the men's fashion is to wear pants over their boots, while women wear pants tucked into their boots. It just struck me how completely ridiculous this sounds

Youtubers unionize 

drake and his boys got the JO crystals getting charged up back to back

theyve remixed eugenics more times than old town road

"bottoms up and the devil laughs" is still one of the top ten funniest things I've heard this decade

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