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Some Silicon Valley Dipshit, Keeps Thirty Smart Lightbulbs In His Pocket, Thinks All Problems Are Solved By Algorithms, Has An App That Tells Him When To Piss: I fucken love Technology!!!

Me, Has Crouched Down By The Side Of A Fallow Field To Observe The Gentle Weaving Of Dry Grass Into Mouse-Tunnels: i fucken love technology

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Velma: You, sir, should unmask.
Scooby-Doo: Rindeed?
Velma: Indeed it's time. We have all laid aside disguise but you.
Scooby-Doo: I rwear no rask.
Velma: (Terrified, aside to Fred.) No mask? No mask!

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Below is a simplified version of a plan I made with an affinity group that frequently had fights and 'drama'.

Note that these are things that would be high or low impact and high or low effort FOR US, based on our circumstances, characters and schedules. They will vary for others.

The most important thing to make this work is make sure you do not over-burden your group. Make sure you start with only about 2 things to do and make sure they're really 'low effort'. Then plan another 2, etc.

Probably the most useful tool I've ever learned to tackle a structural group problem is to brainstorm all the things that could be done and then organize them in 'low effort / high effort', 'low impact / high impact'.

Then do the 'high impact / low effort' things first, followed by 'low impact / low effort'.
Use the energy and momentum from those small successes for the 'high impact / high effort' things and just skip the 'low impact high effort' pitfalls.

example in next post

@Dayglochainsaw Sweet good idea, hey everyone play my game it's at and it's a text adventure about probability as the fifth fundamental interaction, there's a lion who keeps popping up in increasingly elaborate and unlikely disguises, it's screen-reader friendly and you can run it no problem on a single-core laptop from 2005 (heck that's my dev machine), please boost because I'm crap at marketing

I'm being bullied by fucking pokemon go. Cw: pokemon go screenshot, stupid pokemon name

Discourse, Meta, Controversial 

My favorite part of online is everyone either thinks you’re 100 percent serious all the time or you do nothing but jokes and you can’t be anything in between.

on Twitter if someone has a bad take, everyone makes fun of it, blocks/mutes and moves on

on Mastodon, we convene 1000 committees and draft up formal articles of censure and it takes three days to resolve

practical guide to joining Mastodon, actual use:
1. join one of the two or three biggest generalist instances for a month or so
2. follow people on your local TL and the people they boost
3. move to a smaller instance that draws your positive attention during that time, once you're used to Masto

you cannot teach me what ska is

I have an implant that prevents me from forming any memories relating to ska

*Cap'n K'nuckles voice* Damn ye! Let Neptune strike ye dead, Flapjack! Hark! Hark, Triton. Hark! Bellow, bid our father, the sea king, rise from the depths, full foul in his fury, black waves teeming with salt-foam, to smother this young mouth with pungent slime, to choke ye, engorging your organs till ye turn blue and bloated with bilge, and brine, and can scream no more. Only when, he, crowned in cockle shells, with slithering tentacled tail, and steaming beard, takes up his fell, be-finnèd ar

The Lighthouse (2019) but it's Flapjack and Cap'n K'nuckles

The Discourse Goat is a wretched fuckwit rat bastard and enemy of all life

I'm gonna expand on the Discourse Goat lore just because that feels like the best use of my time and attention rn

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