Why are internet leftists so fucking bad at solidarity

Actually hold on I'm gonna make a graphic for this one

Actually nah I'm not going to do that I'm lazy. Basically it's buckwild to me that some of y'all hold others to such byzantine and specific moral standards with absolutely no room for error. And I don't mean basic stuff like "If you're a TERF we can't be friends", I mean stuff like "Unless you're 100% committed to the principles of decolonial neo-pagan anarcho-ecosorelianism and spit upon the ground every time you hear the name of {french guy I've never heard of}, you are my MORTAL ENEMY"

Like. Realistically what are you imagining will be the outcome here. Is everyone going to change their minds and admit that you're right. You could be the most devoted adherant of bookchinian left-market transhumanism in the world, but you still can't have a movement subsisting of only one person. Do you really want to just spend the next eighty years polishing the self-awarded medal of your own bizarre moral integrity, or do you want to get shit done.


Basically: compromise! Doesn't mean big, morally dubious compromise. Doesn't mean permanent, written-in-stone compromise. Doesn't mean "politics means you have to make The Hard Decisions™" compromise. Doesn't even mean compromise with liberals or centrists or god forbid fascists.

All it means is maybe don't go out of your way to make distinctions between yourself and other leftists.

Anyway now that I've said all that, I'm gonna go hunker down in my posting bunker for a while and wait to see if I get cancelled or not.

@Dayglochainsaw have a feeling that the kind of people this complaint is intended for are going to read it and agree completely because their takeaway will be "everyone ought to compromise their own lesser stances to stand with me, the objectively correct one"

@jimpjorps yeahhhhh you're probably right but also. them folks scare me cause they are certifiably On Some Shit

@jimpjorps @Dayglochainsaw there's definitely a lot of potential for this, but still, I think some of us still stand to benefit from the reminder. I definitely have had moments when I've read something and been like; "this person says such and such is bad so it must be so!" and then been like "wait, hang on, do I actually agree with this or did I just accept it without any critical thinking at all" and it's been the latter

@shonalika @jimpjorps yeah, no one has time to analyze everything that gets said, and more often than not we just default to "yeah, this person seems like they know what they're talking about, they're probably on the level."

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