Im curious what people think about peertube, please boost for exposure. if you wanna get more specific just reply tell me what you think. i dont know that much about it, im just trying to size it up as a youtube alternative

if anyone's curious, i personally think it's promising but it currently seems way to complicated for the average non-techy person to figure out, i.e. me. I probably wont use it but i would use something a lot like it, just with the rough edged sanded down.

@Dayglochainsaw i like it conceptually, but haven't bothered to check it out

@Dayglochainsaw it’s a good enough protect technically and it works quite well for watching videos, but the project leadership gets a lot of well deserved flak for being your usual FOSS guy libertarian types. as i recall they’ve done very little work to make decent anti abuse tools, but people lodge that complaint with everyone tbh
it's got like zero content worth watching as well

@Dayglochainsaw Only reason I'm not using it is because nobody else does! (:

(I don't make videos, just watch them occasionally. As far as I know, it just doesn't have all that much stuff on there yet.)

@Dayglochainsaw I was looking into it and seeing if it could be a viable YouTube alternative for me, but it's too complicated for me to decipher. If it were easier for a non-tech person to use or understand, it'd get more creators there.

@Dayglochainsaw my take is, when i get around to making the stuff i have planned, i'll put stuff on there but like, also on youtube, cos everyone uses youtube, and its easier. i think, compared to the jump from twitter to masto, it is more difficult, especially since making videos is harder/takes more effort than just posting, so for a decent sized community based around video making, it would require a lot more people, which would be difficult to actually get going, overall it seems cool, but im kinda skeptical

@Dayglochainsaw last time I checked it was missing robust anti harrassment tools. it's also missing developers who recognize how important such tools are. dead to me till that changes

@Dayglochainsaw My experience with it is pretty much "good but limited". i only use it when i want to upload videos that are too large to upload to Mastodon directly & it works fine for that, for me.

I think it's the most promising solution.

It also integrates well with other ActivityPub federation.

You can subscribe to a Peertube feed right from your Mastodon instance by just entering the peertube user id in the search field. Federation is neat.

You can test it subscribing to art or geotechland:


@Dayglochainsaw the thing that peertube is missing is any reason for me to watch anything on there. I get it's a chicken and egg problem between creators and viewers but man it sucks right now.

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