I was reading about human sacrifice in mesoamerica the other day and I was wondering what kind of crazy ass cultural gaslighting you would have to have in order for everyone to be okay with the high priests killing like five dudes a day in the center of town on the flimsy excuse that if they didn't, gods would eat the sun

and then I remembered that "we can't just 'feed and house the poor', what about the economy?" is still a talking point today and I was kinda like. Ohhhh ok I get it now.

Everyone always overestimates their ability to clock when there is some Bullshit in society, and doubly overestimates their willingness to do something about it.

@Dayglochainsaw 5 deaths a day is nothing compared to actual extinction so that a quarter pounder with cheese can exist

@Dayglochainsaw You introduced me to the term 'cultural gaslighting' which is amazing and explains a lot and I will start using _at_ people.

@Dayglochainsaw I'm screenshotting this do you mind if I share it elsewhere?

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