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The scope is insane. For instance, there’s three different Kyrie movements (most masses just have one). I’ve never heard the whole thing because it takes so damn long. For reference, the longest symphony in the standard repertoire is Mahler’s 3rd Symphony, which runs maybe an hour and 45 minutes.

Please understand that Bach was never writing just to write. He was the music director at a church and was writing fresh music basically every week. So the fact that he did this for absolutely no reason (and towards the end of his life no less) for what basically amounts to just this really fuckin long passion project, is both confusing and amazing.


it’s also worth noting that the only reason we mark the end of the baroque era at 1750 is because Bach died and left what is the platinum standard of baroque music behind. Everyone else had already moved on to writing in the classical and he was just like “fuck that homophonic shit, here’s two fucking hours of contrapuntal polyphony.”

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