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socialism is when the government does a thing. praxis is when a poor person does a thing. eldritch is when something has a tentacle

like three years ago my brother and I were gonna start a website called ApeFeed where we just posted ape rankings and articles

we made a bunch of lists and then lost interest

Anyone wanna buy a quick commission?

We got hit by hurricane Micheal and only got power back today. We had to toss everything in our fridge/freezer and, because I work from home, I lost out on about a $100 worth of work ;_;

I'd love to take some commissions if anyone is interested! Here's a few examples with pricing but I'll take other types too! Price is also negotiable.

DM me for more info/if you're interested!

#commissions #hurricanemichael #creativetoots
#cardcaptorsakura #sailormoon

Wally Gator was killed by Fish & Wildlife officials 22 years ago today after dragging a toddler into a murky pond outside of Plantation, Florida and eating it

RIP to a legend


let me tell you about the time there was a moth in my left headphone and I trapped him against my ear when I put them on

actually that is the whole story and it literally stopped happening to me 27 seconds ago

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Cฬฎอšอ‰ฬžฬผrฬณอ”ฬคฬฒyอ•ฬฑpอขฬฃฬฎtอ˜ฬฌฬ อ…ฬ™อ”iอขฬชฬฃdฬกฬฆฬคอ…ฬฏฬบฬฅsฬซฬ–ฬซอฬฃอ™ฬ— ฬฆฬซฬปOอœอ”ฬฉฬซฬ˜nฬงฬŸฬณฬฃฬปฬŸlฬธอˆฬ–อฬฅฬณอ™iฬฑอ™ฬ˜neฬถฬ ฬ˜ฬฅอš

A small, private instance where a few cryptids may roam and play. Seek, but fear. The whole thing was birthed in a Denny's in 2016.