@lizsmells cenozoic park would be easier to do because the dna isn't as old

plus it'd probably be safer because the animals are a lot closer to ones we have now

@EdgarAllanFoe YEAH also i read a headline somewhere that elephants think humans are cute. so im up for (a) uncritically believing that & (b) applying it to allllll these nosey Boyes

@muppetbutler you've inspired me this morn

might go to the local phosphate museum and take a pick of the giant sloth skeleton for you

@EdgarAllanFoe stegotetrabelodon (thank you for labeling the pics!) looks like it's in the middle of eating a bar stool

@EdgarAllanFoe evolution out there just throwing things at the wall huh

@EdgarAllanFoe can one of you eldritch horrors transform me into really any of them

@EdgarAllanFoe they remind me a bit of these records my dad used to have, which i never heard but loved the artwork for

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