Nero uploads a three hour long YouTube video about how the female protagonists in the sequels to Ovid's Metamorphosis ruined the franchise

Nero has a heated gaming moment and says a racial slur targeting the people of Gaul while streaming on twitch

Nero thinks is really eager to explain why the subbed versions of Hunnic cartoons are superior to the dubs

@EdgarAllanFoe lil ugly ass dude looking like a fuckin cartoon witch with a chinstrap and a bowl cut

@EdgarAllanFoe looks like the wicked witch of the west wearing an orange skateboard helmet

The dude looks like someone photoshopped his face smaller by 15%

@EdgarAllanFoe honestly I would prefer to imagine that sculptor is just really bad at making faces than think that anyone actually looked like that

@EdgarAllanFoe It's a resonance chamber that lets him make noises like the raptor bone in jurassic park

@EdgarAllanFoe on the real though what are the odds he had like hyperthyroidism or something? not a roman scholar but I feel like I've heard they had lead pipes

@yawn @EdgarAllanFoe

They did and largely knew that lead pipes could cause diseases, they just didn't have anything better and people needed water.

I'm not able to diagnose somebody that's been dead for 2 millennia but lead poisoning in small doses was common.

(Similar happened to us more modernly when early diesel and gasoline engines came about/became mass affordable before unleaded fuels)


what a ruler! getting a neck goiter just to expand the empire a few more inches! such dedication.

@EdgarAllanFoe fuck out of her with yo "Their always after me Lucky charms" looking ass.


huh. i didn't realize that the Romans created aquaducts to pipe in Faygo for this juggalo looking neckbeard motherfucker.
@scribblefrog @EdgarAllanFoe

the open secret is that in really-real life i am an astonishingly cruel and black-hearted individual who has secreted away the last remaining shreds of his living humanity on this platform, where i can be nice and funny and supportive to people.

until somebody posts Nero or wears a baggy check shirt, and then IT'S ON!!

@jackdaw @EdgarAllanFoe please do not slander juggalos by association with this 19th century caricature of an Irish hipster

@jackdaw @EdgarAllanFoe

People often forget the ingenious versatility of the Juggalo. Those who underestimate the juggalo will be washed away by a whooping tide of faygo.


big ups to any artist that did a bust of Nero, and painstakingly chiseled the hardest of marble to replicate the softest of chins.

He looks like the product of an arranged marriage between Ed Sheeran and Hodor

@EdgarAllanFoe his face looks like when you push in on a barbie head and it gets stuck like that.

@EdgarAllanFoe he looks like a Harmony Korine background actor

@EdgarAllanFoe even birdsite fash are like "yeah nah that bust would be a shit avi"

@EdgarAllanFoe this dude makes you use the madcatz controller


these high res reproduction pictures are impressive, but ultimately you could just say "imagine a thumb with a chinstrap" and every human mind on earth would produce the same images.

@EdgarAllanFoe more like owoman empewow newowo

thats all i got for the knock-off josh homme with a bowl cut

@EdgarAllanFoe small face havin ass looks like he's wearing a sweatband vertically

@EdgarAllanFoe his chicken tenders werent crispy so he set rome on fire

Those who are about to die think the vigiles should stop murdering citizens โœŠ

@EdgarAllanFoe Nero thinks an agrarian reform to redistribute lands would be too much of an Imperial intervention, the latifundists will regulate themselves

@EdgarAllanFoe Nero has nothing against Christians, if only they didn't ruin mosaics with all these forced and unrealistic christian characters

@EdgarAllanFoe Neroโ€™s pissed at his mom for buying the wrong flavor Hot Pockets

@EdgarAllanFoe I cant believe all those video game character creators were letting us do wacky stuff to human bodies because they really just wanted us to recreate Nero, who looks like someone set the โ€œfaceโ€ slider to โ€œnoโ€ and neck beard slider to max.... ๐Ÿค”

Nero just wanted everyone to hear his fiddle cover of his favorite Decemberists song

@EdgarAllanFoe Nero posts conspiracy theories blaming the jews for the burning of rome on IVChan

@EdgarAllanFoe my man looking like he's giving you very specific rules for LARPing

@EdgarAllanFoe man gets haircuts from his mama despite literally being an emperor

Nero was the top backer of Ethan Van Sciver's Kickstarter

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