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putting chips in the fridge: :valid: or not?

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Bee's Crab Story (includes a mild amount of being eaten by crabs) 

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My hobbies include:

horny on main
bees II, the sequel to bees
shitposting on mastodon dot com
hoarse voice
horse voice
smile emoji
bees 3: electric beegaloo
biological slime

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Jund: Band together to Protect the Land and Devour the bourgeoisie ​:mtgb:​ ​:mtgr:​ ​:mtgg:

@Ophillous @pillowcat

gonna start using Jund (the Black, Red, Green faction from MtG) as shorthand for eco-anarcho-communism ​​:mtgb:​ ​:mtgr:​ ​:mtgg:

brain cells? they used to be called brain sels.. look how far we've fallen

in the multibrain years i could do nothing faster than anyone

it's holding me back, i used to teem with brain

have people posted the alexa wife article on here yet

Instantly, I am alienated from the capital that I produce

Fuck it dude, frog merchant sitting on The Man

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