I genuinely do not know who this "USERNAME" person is, or why their data got corrupted, but here we are

y e p it's a fucking header smdh

I spent 10 minutes wracking my mind trying to figure out who it was

@pizza nope, I was genuinely frustrated about this for FAR too long

*extremely 3PS voice* 

@Ophillous ok I believe you about not understanding technology now

@SanfordianPhil Philly, why would I lie about something like that

I mean it when I say I am Not a clever Bees

@Ophillous I thought it was modesty. It's ok computers are stupid anyway you don't need them (you need them a little probably)

@SanfordianPhil me, crying into my hands: 🅱️lease mister picture box... show me the poasts...

@Ophillous bees wandering around time square: why won't you show me my friends!?!

@Ophillous slow goin but I'm ok ! Hanging w friends soon and slipping around

@thubish I'm pretty ok, got half an hour left in the workday & the nit's the local board game club's big end of year party

@thubish that sounds like a good way to kick off a friday!

@thubish I saw Austin Powers for the first time last night and it was WILD

@Ophillous damn bees has a lot to say about austin powers i guess

@thubish fsfsdfsfd I genuinely thought you were setting yourself up for like "what's the word! disappointment" or something like that

genuinely I quite enjoyed it! it had some hilarious bits, very much a departure from standard cinema, a pretty decent PoV on a couple things

I'm excited to watch the rest

@Ophillous lmaoooo shit ok that makes sense!! oops!!!

i'm glad u liked it pal : )

@Gargron I very much wish this was a joke

I also wish I knew how to count to 11 instead of assuming it was just 10

@deidara LISTEN OK

I am many things: cute, funny, that's about it really

I've never claimed to be "clever"

@Ophillous Glad to see you're such a big fan of my work!

@Ophillous i’m so glad ppl keep boosting this so i get to see it again i love u lmao 🖤

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