I took the greatest selfie ever earlier but this isn't it, no, this is just a tribute (selfie, no ec)

@grufwub you can certainly try but I have twice as many eyes keeping watch

@Ophillous yeah well I have double that number of eyes which will help with the thieving


You rock a front pocket wallet?

I know a few folks that do, but I've always kept mine in my back-left pocket, and I think I'm too much a creature of habit to put it anywhere else.

@Quixote171 I consider it much more of a side pocket wallet, but yes I do

I tend to have a bulky wallet + I enjoy having my keys on the ouside side of my wallet so they don't jab my legs, and having it on the back pocket would mean sitting on my wallet/keys and that just seems less than ideal

@Ophillous @Quixote171 i was back pocket wallet / front pocket keys, until i lost my wallet on the train ( it got returned eventually! ) and got spooked

( i'm moving back to a mix of front/back pocket rn depending on what i'm doing but it's also spooky! but i guess it's the season for that )

@gdkar @Quixote171 mmm that's a mood, that's why I only go for deep pockets

I also find that having chunky pockets, while it makes retrieving my wallet marginally more of a hassle, makes me feel more secure that it's really wedged in there

@Ophillous @Quixote171 yeah! it's pretty good!

i'm only reverting on this now 'cause i got skinnier jeans with questionably dude pockets 👖 😣

@gdkar @Ophillous

I like to know where everything is, so a quick pat confirms I have everything I'm supposed to
Back-left: wallet
Front-left: keys
Front-right: pocket knife & chapstick
Back-right: empty (unless my upper outer layer is lacking pockets, in which case I'll put my cell in my back-right pocket, but I hate this because I'm always worried I'm going to sit on it. So I try to always be wearing a jacket or sweatshirt with a pocket for my cell. 🙄)

@Ophillous whoa dang everything about this is perfect 💯

@Ophillous the shirt confused me sm for a second lmao but a++++ selfie 💕

@deidara yeah this shirt is feisty on the eyes but REALLY good once it settles

also aahhhh thank you 💖

@Ophillous wow!

(i especially like the dark magic armor / galactic void that may be your t-shirt, if it's not a dark magic armor or a galactic void!)

@malte LMAAAAOOOOOO I love this description of the shirt, but in reality it is just a gorilla face

@CyclopsCaveman I absolutely adore it, I was trying it on as a bit while thrifting but I fell in love

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