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@SquidPresident these suckas didn't even return to the primordial sea

I’ve just been informed that penguins, despite having wings, are “flightless”. That said, have y’all seen these emu bastards? Hot damn! Think of the soaring I could do with wings like THAT!

Ha! You feeble land dwellers and your, what do you call them? Feet! Ridiculous! If I was an earthen mortal, I would simple grow powerful wings, like the mighty penguin!

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I didn’t cry during my wedding, but I did cry just a little the next day when I thought about being away from my cat for a week. First Lady Squid won’t let me live that down.

Look, if you charge over $100/sq.ft. for housing, you belong in jail.

my favorite type of twitter personalities are laid-off journalists who keep tweeting about how good they are at writing in the hope that some company will see that tweet and hire them

The Umbrella Academy asks the question: What if X-Men was good?

It’s good for my wellbeing and the local tl that it’s so difficult to get a plastic skeleton in australia

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