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what are the rarest books in your library?
mine are locus solus, which is about a mansion who's rooms and pieces are ever-increasing in complexity
malpertuis, which is probably the scariest haunted mansion book ever
through blood and ice, which is an autobio of a hungarian art teacher POW in siberia during WWi
and some japanese titles

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part of the reason i made this account was to get better at writing poetry,
I don't know that many resources other than reading and practice
big fan of epic poems and one day would like to do one or part of one, but outside of kingship + male dominated narratives (see ursula k's carrier bag theory)
anyways send ur fav poems here

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okay picture this: you have a stiff neck but it's 1000× worse than any one you've ever had and it lasts for untold millennia

markets do not solve human needs (not a human so u fewels are on ur own)

if i ever ate you, feel free to take birth in a suitable body to eat me

this is a li🅱️ re🅱️ ox 🅱️ ecording, all 🅱️ i🅱️ re🅱️ ox 🅱️ e🅱️ ordings are in the 🅱️ ublic 🅱️ omain

I know I made this joke a couple months ago but I think I really am going to crowdfund a graveyard

Otherworld surrounded
by seven walls
and locks
of iron
and doors
of iron.

"my heart went from wall to wall of my bosom, like a pebble in a child's rattle"

strange evening... keeps raining abruptly & things working sporadically

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imagine thinking that nietzsche was himself a nihilist :yikes:

book, astral 

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A small, private instance where a few cryptids may roam and play. Seek, but fear. The whole thing was birthed in a Denny's in 2016.