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part of the reason i made this account was to get better at writing poetry,
I don't know that many resources other than reading and practice
big fan of epic poems and one day would like to do one or part of one, but outside of kingship + male dominated narratives (see ursula k's carrier bag theory)
anyways send ur fav poems here

Just encountered an *extremely* powerful boomer. In an airport, this guy is walking by himself and his phone starts ringing. LOUDLY. His ring tone is a midi version of “Bad to the Bone”. He stops in his tracks, looks down at his pocket and says, to absolutely no one: “that’s my phone, I’ll get it later” and just keeps walking, letting it ring. Incredible.

good news for fans of my work, i'm gonna be stop being such a huge douchebag

took me a fortnight but i was finally able to telekinetically move one thing a little closer to me

logging on to lavish praise on mist, did you know that it has shrouded millions?

1) get some land
2) print 150 'if you see da police warn a brother' XXL tees
3) ????
4) communism

Orangutan was approved as part of Unicode 12.0 in 2019 and added to Emoji 12.0 in 2019.

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