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if anyones interested i'm selling pet or family member portraits for $10/ea (not including shipping tho its fairly cheap) like the first image, and handmade and painted keychains like the second two CUSTOM of your pet or whatever you want starting @ $20 depending on difficulty!

to see my other work you can check out my instagram @ bewitcharts

dm me for any questions, i'm happy to discuss prices or customizations!

Posting this here in hopes that some of you will see it and hopefully not just roll your eyes and dismiss me being a drama monger or on a soapbox because I'm trying to say this from a place of good faith and hope that we can change.

That's all I really have to say, I guess.

When people take the time to type out why they think you're doing something offensive, especially if it's directed towards them, why do we instantly feel like that is an aggressive act? Because it is attacking our own internalized bigotry that we don't want to acknowledge. Ex: White Liberals find it so offensive to think they can be racist. Because you know if you acknowledge your thoughts as racist, you'd have to see you aren't perfect and your POV can be wrong.

A lot of you don't find this serious because it's so much easier to think those who speak out are just causing "trouble" or "drama" or whatever, and you just want to go back to shitposting. By all means do it, but we all see you. We see what you're doing. Who you're making excuses for. POC don't have the privilege to move on and keep posting through it. As white people, are we really not going to examine how we feel the need put our own fragility and comfort over their lives?

It's easy to say that "Mastodon has a whiteness problem" without actually evaluating how you contribute to that problem. Painting brown people as the aggressors when they are defending themselves from racist dogwhistles and a society of bigotry is not the way to acknowledge your part in it.

im here to joke but im also here to be a fucking person. and if you wanna willfully lose your reading comprehension in a way that demonizes my friends and has historically been used as a justification for genocide just cuz one white boy didnt wanna accept that he fucked up, thats on you. get chased off the site by the scary brown mob. fuck off

your twitter is not hidden. catch this fucking block

also i made a thing in case anyone is interested....heres the etsy link
its a v rough first attempt but its so
prettyyyy....will be posting more soon

im not like ~upset~ or taking a break im literally just stinky

im going to log off for a bit bc im on my period and i havent showered and i havent been taking correct care of myself 2nite! ill be off and on but dont expect a reply immediately and things get lost in the shuffle

@redcosmonaut i suppose ultimately what it has to go on is that like garf's thread on montaigne and indigenous brazillian cannibals said, it was hypocritical of europe to be against cannibalism or human sacrifice because the violence they had committed both on the colonized world and other europeans was a multitude more severe, and in many cases much of the knowledge about aztec human sacrifice is not on good histiographical grounds, a lot of it was embellished or made up whole cloth by spaniards to justify slavery and genocide of indigenous mexicans. a lot of historians doubt the sacrifices happened entirely, and we'll never know for sure because, well, the entire way of life was wiped out. would it have continued or withered away? who knows, it's impossible to know now. But citali's post was merely that people often use the human sacrifice to justify the genocide of mexicans (even in the present), and well, i mean the reaction by white masto was largely confirming this.

literally no one said "human sacrifice is good and should happen in 2020" and calling poc deranged for explaining a key aspect of their ancient culture isnt good...and is an act of bad faith

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