@Jewbacchus @bruja Oh god, same. This is the one thing KJ and I ever bicker about, is that he doesn't say "Yes" to anything, because in his family, to assert preference is kind of a social no-no. (Related: the ever polite, "Whatever you like.") An excited Sure! is fine. A slow, tone pitched up Sure? is not. I asked a y/n question. Demands y/n answer. Please and thank.

@bruja I have this issue with my (wasp raised) gf, where she's from there is no difference between "sure" and "yes" because (i've learned) you're not really supposed to assert your own preferences/desires, but you're supposed to wait for someone to insist on doing what you want before consenting to your preference.

For where I grew up, "sure" and "yes" are almost entirely different sentences, just with the same end action/result, because we expect any response to include asserted preferences.

cymri says "sure" instead of telling us what she really wants, insists it's the same. if its noncommittal or dismissive, then you don't really want that thing or dont care. if you say yes, you want the thing and it makes you happy. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE

@bruja sometimes a โ€œsureโ€ can mean several things Iโ€™ve learned: indifference, a passive aggressive no or yes lmao

if you ask someone "do you want _____" and they say sure, is that different than yes?

1 babie gecko flying first class in his large seat with a nice iced water and some flies for snacks....all the way to denmark

i experienced lgbt alliance today when our friend who is a trans man helped us (a lesbian trans woman, a bi enby, and a pan cis girl) with our IKEA shopping and lifting

hyperlink ๐Ÿค sloths

having 8 whiteclaws and then sleeping in a tree

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