someone on twitter made a list of words that are offensive to say which most were very valid and you shouldnt say and then at the end was "cunt"

and the he said you have to be "cunt identifying" to say it

i am cunt identifying. dont ask me what t hat means because it means nothing but i am it

@bruja i mean eveni f it were resasonable things to not say a lot of middle class australians adhere to the conservative 'this is political correctness gone mad' mindset

@bruja isnt cunt like considered a Big Bad Word in america

@bruja i identify not only as a cunt but as a daft cunt, the most annoying and weird type of cunt

@swamp @bruja the virgin penis lookers vs the chad cunt identifiers


The hot dog wiener was your best toot 👀👀👀👀👀👀

@bruja are they American? I remember seeing stuff before about it being way more gendered as an insult there. But I mean, a cunt's a cunt's a cunt.

@WoozleWuzzle yeah i think so

its extremely gendered in america, ive never heard a guy called a cunt unless it was like, in a way that was to imply emasculation

@WoozleWuzzle @bruja the solution is to start calling american dudes cunt

@bruja @CyclopsCaveman so uhhh is the person that made this list a cis dude? Because ummmmmmmmmm

@bruja cunt identifying! lmao what the fuuuuck is going on at

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