i just wanna make sure yall know be fUCKING NICE to the new people on the fedi.... remember there is a language barrier so people may not get the way a lot of us "joke" so just fucking err on the side of caution with being nice, don't belittle people for not understanding things, be decent people.

not saying dont be funny like clearly be funny but a lot of people on here i know like to make fun of people who dont "Get" the joke, i see a lot of ppl do it with fedi users who are on the spectrum, so i know it happens.

that being said, siddon every asshole who you come across, its only right.

@bruja I'll say I've had nothing but great experiences with a lot of the new folks here. I found an Indian filmmaker and now we're mufos and that was exciting. Also lots of really great and funny new people to follow!

@Thomas @bruja Sorry, random n00b question: I just sent both of you a follow request. But I can still see your toots here. So technically, you don't have private accounts but just need to approve requests to be followed?

Very interesting feature!

@Memeghnad @bruja Right, so anyone can choose to post "followers only" but a post marked "public" can be viewed by anyone. My account is locked so I approve follow requests rather than a follow just happening automatically.

@Memeghnad @bruja Also you can choose for your posts to default to followers only if you'd like!

@Memeghnad @Thomas Hi! Yes, basically my account is locked so I must approve followers however most of my posts I choose to make public (See the little globe icon below, you can choose how each post is viewed. Sometimes, I make posts that are followers only, but that's pretty rare, though I lock my followers in case any not-great people and trolls try to follow me.

You can also edit default post settings in the "preferences" tab of your account.

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