dark mother spread your tentacles far and wide and gather your children home,
🎶 you'd better not pout, you'd better not cry, you'd better no pray, i'm telling you why Mother Cuthulu's coming to town🎶

for todays enigmatic beautifully creepy artefact the Dhakma or tower of silence, in the Zoroastrian religion both earth and fire are sacred and would be polluted by ...a dead body, so what do you do when burial and cremation are both out you build a castle for the dead and let nature do its thing but try not to live downwind, dying out in modern practice but still an elegantly sombre way to go

recreation of the the 100mph car chase from the TNT area view out of the back window of Roger Scarberries '57 chevey as Globster s mothy follows behind a screeching

had a playouround with globsters mothm'n in the TNT bunker prefer this one

globsters mothy in his natural environments watching gravdiggers and after dark at the 'TNT area'

thȩr͘é i͞s̵n̡'̨t ͞m̕u͞ch t̢o do dow̨n̴ he͟re ͢-̷ ̕to ̛bid͏e̷ ͡ḿy̨ t̢im̴e̶ i͠'v̛e íllu͡s҉t͟rat̴ȩd͏ ̶s̸om͝e ͢o̷f̀ ͡t͞h̵os͝e̷ da҉r͞k̨dark͡ ̢cr͏eat̀ure̕ś ple͞ase ̧use to͠ ̡spread ̢our ̛p̡ro͡p͞ag҉an̷d͜a ͘

someones commission for astonishing legends its my favourite Indrid Cold

from some title page to a podcast had to remove text with a zapper to get a clean shot but i luv the little flapper

hi fellow Cryptoids thank you for the incantation required for entry though getting the neccessary ''objects'' for the ritual was both physically and emotionally taxing, on me and all those poor people but im here now yeah!!, heres my leon Trotsky as mothman, Trothman

C̮͚͉̞̼r̳͔̤̲y͕̱p̣̮͢t̬̠̙͔͘ͅi̪̣͢d̡̦̤̯̺̥ͅs̫̖̫͍̣͙̗ ̦̫̻O͔̩̫̘͜ņ̟̳̣̻̟l̸͈̖͍̥̳͙i̱͙̘ne̶̠̘̥͚

A small, private instance where a few cryptids may roam and play. Seek, but fear. The whole thing was birthed in a Denny's in 2016.