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Great news! I’ve become the SNL reviewer for the outline dot com!

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To the tune of vindicated by dashboard confessional: 

The Scraper licks turds. The Scraper is fake and gay. The Scraper is a virgin beta cuck.

i want to figure out how to connect the experience of cultural alienation that many white people have to the fact that our cultural histories are erased by the abstract concept of whiteness without giving ground to the fascist notion that cultural intermingling and exchange is evil

@dankwraith i've thought a lot about this personally and the key is, imo, that whiteness is different. it's fabricated and inherently made to absorb and wash over differences between people who are considered "white". white culture doesn't exist but the varied people contained within it do.

cultural intermingling has occurred all throughout history between both within people we'd now consider white and with those people with their "nonwhite" neighbors.

the root cause is just that whiteness wants to sever people and force them into homogeneity. it wants to get rid of the unique experiences of being irish, italian, russian etc and just turn it into one morass that it can use as a cudgel to make an underclass. that's the trick, i think.

das_milkhaus still has an active account on w.l after their extremely enlightening, blood quanta post

i've decided to defederate from my apartment's poltergeist. it's a piece of shit and i hate it, that's the reason

when a friend texts you after watching The Irishman and says the last 45 minutes were useless

Tonight I’m unironically going to eat at Olive Garden it’s like that Bryce Youngquist story smh

DAVID SIROTA: ah, time to kick back after a long day of working for the Bernie campaign and watch the hit ABC sitcom I write.
BEVERLY GOLDBERG, ON THE TV: and let me also say, as for my good friend Killer Mike, well that’s why we need to cancel student debt in this country
DAVID SIROTA: oh no. That means...
BERNIE SANDERS, ELSEWHERE: Anyone in the audience remember Ghostbusters 2?

The U of C, however, has always been at the vanguard of one trend in apparel: the self-deprecating, sardonic T-shirt. The newest and, according to some, most lewd line of T-shirts reads, "The University of Chicago: Where the only thing that goes down on you is your GPA."

Learning about the storied history of UChicago gag t shirts

from now on I will no longer be saying "degrees centigrade." I will instead be saying "degrees centipede." hope this is clear, thank you

right wing grifter; sorry 

@cosmicevan Jesse eisenberg as the treasurer who runs their twitter account, who is based vaguely on Sean mcelwee

Remembering how i was able to google search for the exact achewood comics I wanted several times? Yeah I got a lot done tonight

Look, I get it. You’re sitting there, in that room, on your computer, cranking out hundreds of questions in the form of answers every single week. One night, I’m going to be watching Jeopardy. Every so often, one question will get a crucial piece of Mario Brothers lore wrong. And tonight, that question just so happened to be yours. What are the odds! It’s like that saying about monkeys and typewriters. Well, I‘ve got six chambers and one bullet. You got lucky once. I don’t think you will again.

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