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To the tune of vindicated by dashboard confessional: 

I also left the cryptids server before anyone in there starts asking where I went. I’ve seen the people there do that a bunch of times and it’s nice but I don’t want anyone to wonder. and thank you everyone

I’m sorry. I’m going to leave mastodon. at least for a little bit. my discord is evan#4169

@cosmicevan @rufousboi it takes a lot out of them to come up with reasons why they need to keep $500 of your deposit to patch nail holes

james comey mini series will accomplish nothing culturally, have no long standing effect on the discourse and will probably be an unwatchable celebration of america's wet towelette but it will give my dad another show to tell me to watch that eventually i will just say i did so we dont have to talk about it

Follow Friday My friends Social skeleton “cool s” and Andrew Yang

those aren't ghost hanging from a tree Halloween decorations they're klansmen that's right im woke

What is the best modern way to download stuff

Checking for all the latest piracy news

please... one of the people who isn’t a boomer show up to this class. I can’t take another all-olds lecture

Sending scab vibes to @alex’s baby. it’s okay to cross the picket line. make someone go into labor is what I’m saying

joining anime related discords is a real reality check. "#cute-anime-pics" has people spamming anime girls in united states flag bras with massive honkers. like, hundreds. my god

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