Black Mirror season 7 episode 4
When your phone dies, you die in real life. People fight over chargers or whatever. Honestly we just let the actors improvise this one. The big twist is that the episode cuts to black after 20 minutes and doesn’t come back on, implying that your phone has died too.

@cosmicevan kind of vaguely reminds me of the Justin Timberlake movie "In Time", where time is used as a currency, and you die when your meter hits zero.
@cosmicevan it had some really interesting ideas, that's for sure

It definitely feels cheesy at points, but I'm sort of into that.
@sean @cosmicevan Action is entertaining, but the social commentary is played out and doesn't even sustainably resolves at the end.

@sean @cosmicevan literally just the Oubliette from Hannu Rajaniemi's _The Quantum Thief_

@cosmicevan needs a little knob that you attach to your head to view and/or alter your thoughts or else it's not really a BM episode

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