Every Mastodon migration should have its own title. calling the one from last year (the one I came in on) “Day One”. then there’s “The Tumblr Kids” obviously. the one we’re in right now is tentatively called “The Bernie Boom”

@wintgenstein a bunch of Bernie Sanders supporters from twitter who eventually want the man himself to move here

@cosmicevan lol....hmm i don't see how this could ever come into any conflicts at all!

@wintgenstein @cosmicevan on Twitter they are censoring the replies to major DNC insider accounts. "Working Families" or some such bullshit selected Warren when the vast majority of their members voted Sanders. Sanders supporters tried to comment on the thread announcing the selection of Warren to find out they can't reply to or interact with the thread.

@cosmicevan Why "Day One"? It was not the first big migration ^^.

@Sylvhem you’re right. Realistically, we should be called “The Hell Dudes”

@cosmicevan tag yourself i'm a tumblr kid

i actually only came here because an artist i knew showed me the magic of baraag

then i switched to a more shitposting-friendly instance

@cosmicevan all I know is I was apart of one of the Great Leftist Shitposter Migrations from Twitter...

@cosmicevan technically it's the Tumblr Exodus, of which i am an Exodite

@velexiraptor much, much better than the Lament Configuration Exodus, when our following lists were all spammed with Cenobites (unless you’re into that sort of thing!)

@cosmicevan @Dayglochainsaw I was part of some twitter exodus but I can’t remember the one

@cosmicevan Bernie Boom has a nice ring to it... I’m going to go ahead and steal this.

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