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ewe. it’s like, even the ram thinks their gross. y’know? folks.. times up

that scene in spider-man 3 where aunt may recounts how uncle ben proposed to her and it's just a great quiet and heartfelt scene, would literally never be in an MCU movie

I think my sleep schedule had been reversed. Trying to get it back to normal through having a good mentality

*alanis voice* It's like ra-ii-n/on a warrior outside/it's a ninja sword/when your knuckles have knives

i listened to an episode of Pod Save America and that fucker never talked about making Iron Man

I feel like I’m at a point in my life where the things that happen to me are so similar to things that might happen to The Joker that i really want to see that movie

in the dms doing some robbery. i get rich off of this routine. try it

The Limo has got to be one of the most timeless Seinfeld episodes

You fool. I am a level six novice in the parkour arts. I can cross most flat surfaces with merely a thought, and I can scale heights of up to four feet in a single bound.

I feel like the world is ready for a Seinfeld revival

apparently jerry seinfeld ran out of famous friends so he's just inviting youtubers he knows into his car, so i nominate @cosmicevan to get a coffee with jerry in his car

At the end of the day I like to unwind and listen to the music of David Lynch

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