when i post things like this it feels as if i’m running through a crowd of happy socialites with mud on my face screaming at the top of my lungs about “guccifer 2.0”

the only real reason i use so many exclamation points is because my AP Lang teacher once made some kind of declaration along the lines of “there are only two occasions on which it is appropriate to use an exclamation point—when you’re getting married and when your first child is about to be born” and it hurt my feelings since i’d been concluding a lot of emails to her with “Thanks!” i’m just bitter

i’m serious!! really wanna hurry up and monetize this shit somehow

we could all do a killer sitcom if we got together!!! let’s go to the ABC offices

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@ida @cryptoad oh free software, like how i got windows for free with my computer

mainframe is just another term for <iframe>

thinking about telling each and every one of my friends that they’re “looking a little wan”

this isn’t bougie, or at least not in the way you think it is. i’m talking about like the best western continental breakfast buffet and their little omelette griddle not the fluffy egg whites only ordeal of Hilton or whatever

you know that feeling when you go to a hotel and order an omelette and they prepare it with three eggs instead of two and you think to yourself “damn, okay. getting some real high-class service here” and it dawns on you that you’re leaving in a couple hours and you realize the temporal fragility of your foray into luxury

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healyn must be concerned that i’ve made more posts about him than “at” him. healyn, if you’re reading this, don’t worry! as far as the people on this site go i’m quite well-adjusted

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if i could summon one person at will to the tl whenever i wanted it would be healyn. healyn and i never talk or interact with each other’s posts but he’s a comforting presence to have around

paraengagement is a real thing!! it’s a made-up word for a real concept

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i want to have the brain of a person who youtube comments "this makes me think of yesterday by the beatles" on a song that is a cover of yesterday by the beatles

i am going to try subtooting now. “hello, hi.” that really took a lot out of me. making myself vulnerable tonight

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