ok i have more fucking stupid nintendo posts that have to come out of my brain.... mario’s tart. marios tart.

m a r i o s t a r t ———> marios tart


studio apartment great view no neighbors no pets $1200 a month plus deposit

it’s literally so fucked up that captainsparklez ended up being hot

i told my friend this once in a gesture of utmost confidence and now she says she’s going to play the minecraft parody of dj caught us falling in love again at my wedding

mario’s surprisingly deep “letsa go” voice line from super smash brothers brawl but produced by my vocal chords at a funeral

it’s been a while
i know i shouldn’t have kept you waiting
but i’m here now

-hillary clinton

listen to them!!! we need to talk about this

tired of the bullshit. just going to fucking say it 

@cryptoad okay you say this but this is better than any of the apartments I could find in paris for that price like that's a 24 sqm apartment and it's expandable with great options

for that price I could get the same surface in a shitty neighborhood far from everything and with no bathroom

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