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a view into the broiling sea of another plane
ink black yet specked with neon beings
a glass sphere, or perhaps a portal contains a small fragment of the plane
she stands before the orb as darkness tugs at the daylight, her wand of charred mast in hand.
she commands it, communes with it
the tossing waves begin to resonate within

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Daily reminder that the magical workings that make me the way I am are arcane powerful and unknowable to anyone other than louise and me

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As the short lifespan accorded to my species drew to a close, she attempted to extend my life so that I could continue to provide her companionship. Unfortunately her workings would not accept that other than death, and so her earthly body became the cost of my life. Now her spirit is intertwined with my own, and I have sworn to assist in her struggle in order to repay her in some way for her sacrifice.

Likes: shipwrecks, socialism

Dislikes: dismantling guillotines, Michigan

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Hello! I am an exceedingly large 350 year old cuttlefish residing in the waters of Lake Ontario, a dwelling I have specifically chosen to exclude Michigan. My atypical size and lifespan can be attributed to Louise Turenne, a powerful and dark but noble witch who fought against tyranny in her home of France. She kept a wide variety of exotic and common animals as ingredients for potions, but she grew fond of one common european cuttlefish.

Gab, meta 

"however, accusing Kissinger alone of war crimes "requires a double standard" because "nearly all the secretaries of state ... and nearly all the presidents" have taken similar actions."

All Presidents have Commited War Crimes

@morgue Welcome, feared comrade. Dare to seek what dwells in darkness.

Defed from gab!


A terrifying powerhouse now walks among us. She defies categorization, just as she defies death and euclidean geometry.

Please welcome, follow, and fear @morgue

war criminal, birdsite screenshot, but good. 

the alexandria library was actually full of shitposts but was burned down when caesar was cancelled

@toilet Generally I understand why client apps, like browsers and ISPs, should not be in the business of deciding which content should be accessible, but Gab has given us a wonderful opportunity to block them without having to think about slippery slopes because the decision to ban them has already been made by the app stores.

you know what th best way to change someones mind is? just fucking scream into the void about it until everyone gets annoyed and moves on

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A small, private instance where a few cryptids may roam and play. Seek, but fear. The whole thing was birthed in a Denny's in 2016.