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Logging off, with joy and admiration from the deep.
Good night.

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@socialskeleton and @cryptidsingeneral Every day I am thankful and flattered to be on this instance with such insightful, funny and kind people. The local is a constant joy and I love this instance from its mothman antenna to its eldritch toes.

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I love skeleton. They are the best admin mayor arch-bureacrat governor gavel wielder etc. I wish him well

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As the short lifespan accorded to my species drew to a close, she attempted to extend my life so that I could continue to provide her companionship. Unfortunately her workings would not accept that other than death, and so her earthly body became the cost of my life. Now her spirit is intertwined with my own, and I have sworn to assist in her struggle in order to repay her in some way for her sacrifice.

Likes: shipwrecks, socialism

Dislikes: dismantling guillotines, Michigan

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Hello! I am an exceedingly large 350 year old cuttlefish residing in the waters of Lake Ontario, a dwelling I have specifically chosen to exclude Michigan. My atypical size and lifespan can be attributed to Louise Turenne, a powerful and dark but noble witch who fought against tyranny in her home of France. She kept a wide variety of exotic and common animals as ingredients for potions, but she grew fond of one common european cuttlefish.

content warnings are the illusion of choice send toot

i recall the cover art was a soft greenish blue, with something geometric on it, sorta like the nazca lines. that's the only memory i have. maybe it's better that way

that movie was good, it was actually really serious and made me sad/angry a lot of times but i will shitpost here

cold, libertarian : fridge

horny authoritarian : condom vending machine

box political compass:



a vending machine is simply an authoritarian fridge

if you dont aspire to have a near death experience and emerge with a mandate from god as a genderless spirit i dont want to be your friend

when I run a discount survival supplies store and decide to create an advertising jingle:

It’s Sgt. Prepper’s Low-Cost Foodstuffs Brand

i dont know a lot about ttrpgs, but i know enough that i know that saying pathfinder is better will annoy some people

@byttyrs @Ophillous id say they fluctuate between evil and good. a chaotic vers if u will

oh no new los angeles raising a big head from underwater

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