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Sketch (no color)
Torso $3
Fullbody $5
Extras - $3 each
Bust $6
Torso $8
Fullbody $10
Extras - $5 each
Flat Color
Bust $9
Torso $12
Fullbody $15
Extras - $10 each
Bust $12
Torso $16
Fullbody $20
Extras - $15 each
DM or email for info/if interested!!

Only five slots open only!

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Chibi (full) $7
Chibi (pixel) $12

Simple Background $5
Complex Background $15
will NOT draw:
- furries
- mechs
- nsfw
- hardcore gore
¡¡anything overly complex will get $1 added!!
DM or email for info/if interested!

Only five slots open only!


Orb-chan is ready for anime school! Let her radiant skin blind you and melt your eyes as you try to make conversation! @johnrandom

when we showed up to the premiere, in peptile's beat up piñata car, that became the meme of the month. Something along the lines of how humble Keanu is- an image of a famous celebrity coming out of a fucking corvette or something; then Keanu coming out of this little beat up Kia with a big wholesome smile on his face

i tried to force my brain to dream of jake gyllenhaal last night but what i got instead was a long car drive that involved me and peptile taking keanu reeves to his latest movie premiere and becoming best friends

the anime gorls was put on a weird pause but now that im alive again it shall continue, as said last time, with anime orb-chan. Expect delivery later today

@cuttlefish It will be perfect when cryptids' visages are superimposed upon the pilots

@cuttlefish some local grown artists with us include @deadtired and @EdgarAllanFoe, both of whom have done work for the server. Also @Globster, but he's a True Cryptid in that he's nearly impossible to locate.

here's my predictions for breath of the wild 2 based on just the trailer:

it's real name won't be "Breath Of The Wild 2"

Zelda will be the playable character and you'll have to rescue Link

it'll have a much darker tone than BotW but still have the same core gameplay

coming out late 2021

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A small, private instance where a few cryptids may roam and play. Seek, but fear. The whole thing was birthed in a Denny's in 2016.