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Sketch (no color)
Torso $3
Fullbody $5
Extras - $3 each
Bust $6
Torso $8
Fullbody $10
Extras - $5 each
Flat Color
Bust $9
Torso $12
Fullbody $15
Extras - $10 each
Bust $12
Torso $16
Fullbody $20
Extras - $15 each
DM or email for info/if interested!!

Only five slots open only!

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Chibi (full) $7
Chibi (pixel) $12

Simple Background $5
Complex Background $15
will NOT draw:
- furries
- mechs
- nsfw
- hardcore gore
¡¡anything overly complex will get $1 added!!
DM or email for info/if interested!

Only five slots open only!

love to be afraid of space but being able to draw it; when will god cease laughing at me

on the subject of anime, apparently in that one popular superhero one there's a character named 'fatgum' and i shit you not, his fandomwiki page says the phrase, "in his fat form"

im also just glad my friend found someone and they seem to like each other a whole bunch. it's like his 2nd arc of the anime that is his life was completed

i just witnessed the goth gf meme irl as my friend, wearing a rainbow tie-dye shirt and blue demin jeans presented to me his almost equally as tall gf who was wearing all gray/black

they cute tho

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Priest stopped in the middle of baptism to tell the assembled kids that they could have some holy water if they need to fight any vampires. (This isn't a shitpost, this really happened to me)

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okay, who did she eat??

[ebooks dollydropbear tooted “I didn’t want to have a hankering for a friend”, followed by “now i have to run away from the cryptids instance”]

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Anti-piracy ad: YoU wOuLdNt DoWnLoAd A cAr

Me, setting up a 3D printer the size of my garage:

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stuff abt food and doing an unhealthy Show more

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high school: your essay MUST consist of exactly 7 parts, with precisely 5 sentences in each part. the parts must each correspond to a specific point, and follow this EXACT argumentative structure. each section must contain EXACTLY these five sentences in relation to the point this paragraph is making. if you use ANY first person pronoun, your chair WILL explode

uni: just write the things you think lmao its not that deep

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important news: my toad friend has a petal stuck on his back!!!!!

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bringing distinct warbly old lady energy to your harsh and loud animated world

going to see the wiggles on tour who's joining me

cryptids meetup number 2 but it's just me and @johnrandom praising the sun on a sidewalk as it finally shows itself after eons of having us suffer via snow

I crave,,,, mac n cheese,,,, 🧀 warms me

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A small, private instance where a few cryptids may roam and play. Seek, but fear. The whole thing was birthed in a Denny's in 2016.