i think a very valid point is getting lost in the discourse which is that CWs are kind of a weak form of tagging and it would be useful to expand that so people have more individual control over what they are shown

what if instead of having to decide on norms as a community (which will never be fully agreed upon) and then yell at people to CW certain things, they were automatically CWed by a tagging system and people could put things behind a CW on the receiving end

i dont think anyone is arguing against CWs, but just suggesting that the way they are implemented now could be improved

e.g. person A makes a post and tags it as food related. person B has no food filters and sees the post plainly. person C has a CW filter for food so the post shows up behind a CW. person D has a block filter for food so they dont see the post at all

i think that sounds neat


@dankwraith YES like there's already the capability to completely drop posts like that

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