YOU: 1000 gecs
RICK FROM PAWN STARS: *pulls air through teeth* yyyeah, i can't do that. i could give you 350 gecs... sorry, i gotta make a profit on it

doesn't matter if it's 100, 1,000, or 1,000,000 gecs... the shit sounds the same to me no matter how many gecs you wanna put in to impress the hypebeasts

YOU: look man i just need 100 gecs. just 100
RICK: sorry bud, the best i can do is 40 gecs... this ain't retail.

THE EXPERT: this 11.0 CGC-rated necronomicon omnibus is a priceless treasure not fit to be sold to those with only mortal cognition
ME: i just want 50 gecs for it
RICK: *scrunches up his face like i'm breaking the bank*

chumlee would hook you up though. you'd get at least 50% gec value

forced scarcity is a huge problem even though there are seemingly infinite gecs... why are we allowing ourselves to be told what a gec is worth

@gayalien it feels like you’ve been building up to this one for days. I’m glad I finally get to see it

@cosmicevan all of my best jokes are from when i'm in the shower being a fucking idiot

@jacethechicken buzz off from my page if you do not wish to discuss the Kendrick Lamar song How Much A Gec Cost

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