so i guess the point of all of this creep talk isn't to say that we need to ostracize these villains for their dastardly deeds, i want everyone to think about why perrine deleted her account. she got NO support.

it took me and a bunch of other people to get anyone to actually admit there was a problem.

i know people saw her thread and i know she didn't get the kind of support she needed from people in that discord server or on here.

she deleted her account because of how alone she felt.

support is NOT a DM saying "i'm so sorry this happened but i will not risk anything of my own to help!!! uwu"

support is NOT asking what happened, asking for receipts.

support is NOT avoiding the topic altogether because you're scared to lose friends

you can't only be there half the time and still sleep well at night


why does someone have to provide something of value for people to value their opinion on this site?

why did it take people we like collectively saying something to have this discussion?

what kind of fucked leftist ideology do we have if the only time we can support people is when it's convenient or "worth it" to us personally?

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