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if anyone’s gonna ask me what mastodon is i’m just gonna show them this picture

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it's actually illegal to reply to my toots

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the song "Human" by The Killers asks an important question: are dancers human, and if not, and what are they? are dancers dangerous? where did they come from? why haven't we noticed?

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what if chemtrails make us forget the dreams in which we are revealed the forbidden knowledge?

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i wish charity shops would exist in Poland

I'd like to explore charity shops more this time, because it turns out you can get a lot of amazing stuff there for a very small price, and all the money goes for a good cause

i don't take any books with me because I hope to get some cheap used ones in a charity shop or something

ony of my favorite things about myself is that I can pack for a long time in a small bag

once again I find myself questioning if I packed everything 10 times before zipping my bag

i love the 13th doctor but her comapnions are so annoying ughhh, there are too many of them :/

might fuck around, and rewatch doctor who

I miss the 12th doctor :(((
and the 11th
and the 10th

i just learned that justin bieber is literally 68 years old, time flies, huh?

at this point I lose all my interest when a guy says he's (been) studying marketing of finances

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i will never "rot" in Hell. if anything, i will ripen in Hell.

to answer your question, yes, this is a threat

i want to be immortal so I could spend a year exclusively on sleeping

i have a crush on everyone in Paramore

I'm never dating douchebags again. I guess it's gonna be hard tho since I'm only dating men?

I'm so tired of people not wanting to buy pictures of my feet for a few hundred euros

i better go to sleep before I do something stupid

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