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In honor of #IndigenousPeopleDay

I confront colonial statues in the city of Barcelona, q se joden these men.

From my photo-performance series La Sangre Llama, Joan Prim y Prats, 2019

Would you rather have twice as much flesh ow half as much flesh?

Problematic survivalism 

queer indigenous-mix bat here to remind you that tomorrow is not "columbus day", but it is indigenous peoples day

support indigenous peoples, all across the globe. fuck colonizers

disappointing the computer only makes it more patient...

there was a facebook group called something like "is this sufjan stevens song gay or just about god" and I think the will wiesenfeld equivalent would be "is this baths song horny or just about death"

A small comic about trying to spot one of my fave birds that also happens to be very good at hiding.

“Nice climate change sign!”

“What’s climate change?” she says, pulling an AK-47 out from under her coat

Don't use the #ballsack hashtag to post your stupid jokes. The #ballsack hashtag is for serious discussion related to the development of Mastodon and I'm tired of you freaks ruining it

vegan bullshit 

@hyperlink @ldopa cuz at the end of the day math is just knowing and what's the use in knowing

*radio call in voice* yes hi this question is for @selontheweb and @hyperlink I wanted to know what you both think about math - also a magic or just bullshit?

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