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all the orb art people have done is most loved by me, the orb and i thought i'd collect it all in one place so i could appreciate its beauty:

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cryptozoologists have long hunted the orb.. but they havent got me yet

I was gonna do the other hand tonight but I'm tired

anyway fish are cool

i love that amazon has a slide on a monitor explaining what ramadan is in somali. like bud im pretty sure if you speak somali you know what ramadan is

laying down on the conveyor belt and getting shipped far away

can we take a moment on this fine #baturday to appreciate how beautiful hoary bats are with their frosted tips and plush coats?

I'm in a room with Neil Degrasse Tyson. He tries to tell me some of the many reasons why Ant-Man couldn't exist in real life. I kick him in the chest

You, uncultured swine: Magic The Gathering
Me, a genius, levitating: Prestidigitation The Assembly

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A small, private instance where a few cryptids may roam and play. Seek, but fear. The whole thing was birthed in a Denny's in 2016.