boost this toot and ill choose a monster from the 1st edition monster manual that i think exemplifies you

honestly might have to break out the fiend folio

@johnrandom ochre jelly is secretly whatever bush's baked beans are suspended in

@johnrandom the hot, powerful one. Makes sense, makes sense

Oh my gosh she’s so beautiful thank you orb 😍💖

@byttyrs @johnrandom tum? check. fuzzy? check! good smile? check!! muscly arms? wow check! this seems RIGHT up your alley Mads

@byttyrs @Ophillous @johnrandom is this the thread where I can talk about being child-horny for Hordak from She Ra or what

@Louisa I mean I won't stop you but this is a child-crush whither I cannot follow, not my steeze

@johnrandom I love the way this is a "Tiny Magical Beast" that has to grapple you in order to to steal your magic and is sometimes kept as a pet. That's just so weird, thanks!

@johnrandom a tad too on point for my comfort (I toot from my couch as I think about getting up)

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