@Dayglochainsaw related 2 this, i saw a VERY cool take on tw*tter from Aya Charlatan that outlined what they termed "cortisolization" and "dopaminization".

they idea was basically that decisions people make to either avoid stress or attain a good feeling can be extrapolated into broad, macro-economic, civilization-scale trends. we learned how to do agriculture because it felt good not to stress about food. we are destroying the planet because it feels good to eat borger.

@johnrandom @Dayglochainsaw its def not the most official idea in the world but it's an interesting framework to consider imho!

@johnrandom @Dayglochainsaw valid hell yeah. i wish i had more insight into neolithic societies and lifeways to continue this conversation but alas i do not. i do know that on even a barely pre-modern scale, primitive accumulation resulted in STAGGERING levels of hunger and poverty that folks just couldn't deal with because they were so used to being able to at least rely on subsistence farming. (1-cont)

@johnrandom @Dayglochainsaw it's also interesting to think how the rise of the market as something that ostensibly relies on people's "desires" could lead to such undesirable outcomes if we're taking Aya's idea into account~

@selontheweb @Dayglochainsaw i mean im no expert i just am very interested in like prehistory i used to buy into the conception of hunter-gatherers as the original leisure class but as ive learned more its become apparent that it really doesnt actually hold up hunter-gatherers are an incredibly diverse group of people with regard to the material conditions of their life food insecurity is not unknown to them

@johnrandom @Dayglochainsaw that's absolutely fascinating... shoot! i wanna go read more about hunter-gatherers now i oughta hit up my local library

@selontheweb @Dayglochainsaw i really enjoyed this book id recommend it its a lot about current day hunter-gatherers or foragers their means of substenance and ways of life considered comparatively

@selontheweb @Dayglochainsaw what i would say is that i dont think the adoption of agriculture happened because the lifestyle of agrarian people is fundamentally more pleasurable than that of foraging people but rather because farming and pastoral societies were able to outcompete foragers by means of their superiority in terms of population density, materiel wealth, and social organization

@johnrandom @Dayglochainsaw oh hell yeah give me that material analysis 😤 I suppose what i found so appealing about the cortisolization take is that it's trying to create a synthesis between our biology and our material needs and by extension our political organization/means of allocating resources. I'm really a dumbass so perhaps that attempt means nothing BUT it's neat nonetheless

@selontheweb @Dayglochainsaw no i think theres something there wrt like how human psychology affects historical outcomes i just think like the line to be drawn isnt so straight

@johnrandom @Dayglochainsaw as is always the case with that sorta thing lol. grey areas? in my sweeping historical generalizations?

thanks for giving me some food for thought orb!!

@selontheweb @Dayglochainsaw hunter gatherers may have had more food security on an individual level than the neolithic societies that supplanted them

@johnrandom @selontheweb
Not to mention the stress from all of the diseases that came about as a result of living in close proximity with animals

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