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faved. faved. faved. all youre selfies are faved. none of you are free of clicks

Daughter: hey, check out all these custom dice sets of amazing colours I got for £50 at the con this weekend

Me: here's the garbage bag full of random dice I got online for like £2.50


Nobody wants to buy my remaster of 'American Graffiti' with all the period specific music replaced with the works of GG Allin

I am leaving Nottingham, named so because someone in the days of yore did something naughty with a ham

The English language changes spellings over the centuries

There is a dude at PonyCon cosplaying as a Hunter S. Thompson character, complete with fishing hat

Hoofer S. Thompson

Someone with a press pass is interviewing the people next to me about their PonyCon experience

I am keeping my head down and my headphones in

I have never read Bukowski, and am not sure I am going to bother

the best way ive ever seen dune explained is "imagine if maryland was in space and old bay gave you superpowers"

Someone is smoking the weed outside of PonyCon smdh

There is a bodybuilding competition a couple buildings over

It is a panoply of lats and traps and six packs and ass, all an unnatural hue of bronze

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