Ongoing audio thread 

4th entry: n'at (also or including other things ex. I'm going shopping and will pick up dinner n'at)

5th entry: North Versailles (a neighbourhood, named after the Palace of Versailles I guess?)

6th entry: Mt. Lebanon (named after the mountain range in the country of the same name)

cw food mention 

13th entry: sprinkles (specifically the type you put on ice cream)

@kevinwhipsnowed ooh I missed these but they're real good, I knew how some of them would sound before I heard them because they're the same here

@Louisa It’s the worst accent besides scouser. It haunts me, following me around like a spectre!

@pig strap in and grab a helmet my friend, it’s about to get a whole lot worse (we are terrible)

@pig it’s like a language used only by magicians to cast their spells and occlude arcane knowledge....but for dummies

@pig we are a riddle wrapped in an enigma topped by a salad with french fries and shredded cheese

cw food mention 

cw food mention 

@Louisa man oh man, this is just the tip of the incomprehensible iceberg

@pig isn't it obvious? I have to 'red up' the house before the guests arrive

@kevinwhipsnowed @pig oki feel like I need to parse this- is it like a painting the town red kinda thing?

@Louisa @pig no, come on!! it's all classy like, see:

The verbal phrase “redd up” (also seen as “red up,” “ret up,” and even “rid up”) has its roots in a Middle English verb redden, which meant to rescue or free from, or to clear. Today, “redd up” means to clear an area or make it tidy.

I would have never guessed that in a million years

@Louisa @pig that's too flowery a description for me I think. I'd just stick with being thick

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@kevinwhipsnowed people say that here too and I will never accept it

@kevinwhipsnowed 1. I am getting irrationally angry at this the longer it goes on but
2. Now all I can think about is "rustled jimmies" meme and Im cracking up

cw food mention 

cw food mention 

cw food mention 

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