Should I:

watch Goonies

watch Romancing the Stone

do some reading

@Louisa fair enough

Let me see if I can find it for the low price of free. I was going to play something in the background while I do other stuff

@kevinwhipsnowed have you seen it before? Might be too weird to have in the background otherwise

@Louisa it's been a while, I'll save it for when I'm not cooking dinner

Maybe I'll totally dude it out and watch like Friday or Army of Darkness

@Louisa it's not scary, it's Bruce Campbell

Or if you meant:

I'm not that bad of a cook

@kevinwhipsnowed @MrJimmy let's all watch something we've seen a million times so we can talk, Clue: The Movie

You can get out of this real easy, bud just go watch all movies real quick

@MrJimmy @Louisa there are only so many hours in the day

It's almost Sisyphean

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