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in a forgotten corner or the beis medrash i slumber. a bohur disturbs my rest looking for the spare set of the minhas hinukh. he yelps in surprise as i stir and stretch ny mighty limbs, “oy! is it a lizard or a mentsh?” with a rough, raspy voice i answer:

i’m a lizardmentsh!

What if instead of "toot" on here all the bones crackle

nigel, who needs annotations to get through paradise lost, wouldnt know an ethical dative if it slapped him right in the gammon chops: people these days have no respect for the classics

i literally dont remember where it comes from but i think about "rise and grind, let's get that griddled einkorn flatbread" on a daily fucking basis

saltlick is a cute thing to call someone i think

lizards, minding our business:

phylogenists: dinosaurs are actually a separate clade from you, and include birds instead.

lizards: hey

phylogenists: also crocodilians and tortugans arent part of your group, they branched off earlier

lizards: excuse me

phylogenists: and actually you arent even a clade, lots of you are more closely related to snakes than each other

lizards: please, leave our home.

How come trolls have endless energy for getting their shitty bad ideas out there and I feel so exhausted when I write like, one thing?

Gonna start a law firm with @lizardmentsh and it'll be over for bad policy writing.

beans' superstitions:
looking at a bird and categorizing what you've seen. finding a lizard day after day and knowing it by its size and the patterns on its scales. identifying traits and calling them differences. closing your eyes and listening to all the animals that are nearby and going about their business. putting your hand on bark to feel the texture. walking the ragged edge of a pond as a duck warily leads her ducklings away. petting a dog. petting a dog. petting a dog. petting a dog.

if i were a tabletop gamer, i would simply, remember the realms

im rewriting an old java project of mine (an annotation-based framework for creating runtime objects from, and persisting them to, rdf graphs) and im amazed by how much easier it's coming together this time. turns out that when you organize the data you're using better, the code gets much shorter and much cleaner.

imagine looking at molecular structure and not just hearing a million geese honk at disparate intervals

Shirtless doods 

*gestures to the awful weight of history* Bruh.

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