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in a forgotten corner or the beis medrash i slumber. a bohur disturbs my rest looking for the spare set of the minhas hinukh. he yelps in surprise as i stir and stretch ny mighty limbs, “oy! is it a lizard or a mentsh?” with a rough, raspy voice i answer:

i’m a lizardmentsh!

A while back someone posted a thread about how it super isn't cool that non-Jewish creatives constantly use The Golem, protector of the Jewish people, as a fantasy monster or robot stand-in. Since then I've been thinking about other ancient robot stories which people could use as inspiration for their stories, games, etc.

In this thread I'm going to give a brief overview of a handful of ancient robots. These stories all have different interpretations and retellings, but these are my takes.

no, YOU spent an hour of work time making petty corrections to an aramaic translation of a 2009 chart-topping single

Transliterated (with natural stresses) that would be:

la p'SAQ leyqPATZ
dee jay agBAH KAla RAba
eydhRAR leyLEY
ad nur TZAFrey
barHI leylYAH
w'la mashkYAH

don't stop, let it pop
dee jay, raise a great sound
ima fight, tonight
till morning light
the nights are fleeting
not so the drinking

and then, as is the same in all languages:

whoa whoa whoa-oh
whoa whoa whoa-oh

the choice of ברם is fine (i'm just going with the contrastive waw for metrical reasons) but choosing הילולא over משקיא for a drinking party is ridiculous. altogether my version would be:

לא פסק ליקפץ
די ג׳יי אגבה קלא רבא
אידרר לילי
עד נור צפרי
בארחי ליליא
ולא משקיא

there obviously is no exact biblical or middle aramaic translation of "tik tok, on the clock" since clocks did not exist. the circumlocution במהוי לזימנא, "on the show-er of the time" however, is artless. better would be to give a native expression of time passing, such as בארחי ליליא "the nights are fleeting" indulging myself with the obsolete definite plural for the sake of rhyming the following line

there is no reason to translate "ima fight" by "i'm at war," since it's clearly verbal and imperfect. i would instead to render the line:

אידרר לילי
עד נור צפרי
eydhrar leyley
ad nur tzafrey

Here using the apocopated form לילי < לילין, which is used as an adverb to mean "tonight" and a construct form of "till the light of the mornings" to preserve the rhyme rather than translating "till i see the sunlight" exactly.

i'm willing to forgive the hebraism of the independent possessive in the next line, even though ‎סטטוסים בארמית generally overuses them, but i take issue with the third/fourth line

האי לילא אנא במלחמא עד דניחזי לנורא דשימשא

hai leyla ana b'milhamta ad d'neyhzi l'nura d'shimsha

This is literally "this night, i'm at war until i see the light of the sun." None of the rhythm or the rhyme of "tonight ima fight till i see the sunlight" is preserved here.

for "don't stop, make it pop" a line of five syllables they give

לאו תיספיק הב להא למיקפץ
law teyspiq, hav l'ha l'meykpatz

in the reisha, why translate the simple negative imperative with the Mod. H style negated imperfective, just use the aramaic imperative! in the seyfa, there's no need to directly translate "make it pop" with "give to this to pop," especially when jewish aramaic LOVES the jussive. thus:

לא פסק, ליקפץ
la psaq, leyqpatz

i'm mad about סטטוסים בארמית again (apologies for the image of aramaic text and not a transcription) this is just not a very good translation of ke$ha's "tik tok"

my neighbours love to hear Guile's theme very loud and muffled coming through the walls of their house

So fucking dumb 

uspol, blue sites 

fucked up how there are over 10000 songs about falling in love, but only one about not fearing the reaper

having switched to Toot! i have to say i mostly like it except there seems to be no way to predict what will happen scrolling-wise if you hit "load more"

me and the guys at the combination business meeting/ammonite pride event

subtoot @ a friend of mine plugging haha yeah on the alumni of <our college> social network site

the river hag myth was created to demonise women who liked to hang around under the algae and snatch unwary lads down to the deep. that's sexist as fuck when you think about it imho.

the sources of most of my stories are probably going to be nart sagas, but in figuring out how to incorporate material from a couple of turkic epics i may have opened up an avenue for importing some arthurian stories as well?

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