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in a forgotten corner or the beis medrash i slumber. a bohur disturbs my rest looking for the spare set of the minhas hinukh. he yelps in surprise as i stir and stretch ny mighty limbs, “oy! is it a lizard or a mentsh?” with a rough, raspy voice i answer:

i’m a lizardmentsh!

lizards are good partly because they've got more eyes than you'd expect

cosmology has to be the cushiest gig on this earth. you just hang around and when you need money you toss together a book like “time is a quantum vegetable”

a painfully modern translation of the beginning of mizmor 81 

thinking about how the raw materials (galls, animal hides) and instruments (jars, pots, scrapers, frames, weights) required for making jewish ritual objects are actually much more possible for an isolated person or small community to manufacture for themselves than wood pulp paper or pencils

when you contact a representative of the University of Wisconsin Credit Union to ask a general question 

communism is when you stir a cup of coffee with a sword

havent decorated my office at work yet, but i have changed my desktop background

i feel like it was sort of rude of me not to really interact with the coworker on the commuter bus who asked me about the rambam i was learning but it was rude of him to ask if it was “the old testament” because “that’s the only book in hebrew that people still read”

this is what happens when you make cornbread but forget the cornmeal (food pic)

things i dont like about altered carbon 

things i dont like about altered carbon 

things i dont like about altered carbon 

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A small, private instance where a few cryptids may roam and play. Seek, but fear. The whole thing was birthed in a Denny's in 2016.