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in a forgotten corner or the beis medrash i slumber. a bohur disturbs my rest looking for the spare set of the minhas hinukh. he yelps in surprise as i stir and stretch ny mighty limbs, “oy! is it a lizard or a mentsh?” with a rough, raspy voice i answer:

i’m a lizardmentsh!

if you want to stay in touch with me, @pucelman is me but i havent decided yet how active i'm going to be there

i was not publicly involved in the most recent round of things so i'll say for whatever it's worth, fuck racism, fuck anti-indigineity, let people fucking live

im genuinely sad that cryptids is going offline, i don't really have anything else to say about it

Atenea, finding out that I haven't been using the lotion she bought us, just asked me "How do you plan to be soft?" and really it's the most important question I've ever been asked

mastodon has superseded twitter by being a place where the self-boost is celebrated, but will in turn be superseded by a place where the self-fav is celebrated

@socialskeleton and @cryptidsingeneral Every day I am thankful and flattered to be on this instance with such insightful, funny and kind people. The local is a constant joy and I love this instance from its mothman antenna to its eldritch toes.

Someone tried to connect to my MUD via their browser and because of how character creation works right now, that kind of worked so there's now a player standing in Crossed Candles Inn with the user name "GET / HTTP/1.1"

im giving up programming to become a paleolithic cave painter

this is an anti-roman account, centurions and emperors do not interact

i will not be taking questions at this time thank you

listen if you play a paladin in d&d you're cryptofash i dont make the rules,

i learned yesterday that rav, one of the most important talmudic sages, is sometimes called "abba arikha" on account of 1) his name was abba and 2) he was evidently quite tall

however uh, "abba arikha" could be fairly literally rendered as "long daddy" and i like that

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