a freylich and kasher pesakh, everyone. love you!

i’m blessed with the bone structure of a viking prince, the beard of a babylonian king, and the eyes of a polish-lithuanian yid

ya boy got a pre-omer trim (also hello from ny)

selfie, no ec

this isnt even really about not liking my body, i just want to be like wrapped in a few layers of flowing, achromatic cloth

all i ever want to wear are loose, undecorated grey and biege linen things. i just want to be an indistinct unsaturated blur, wrapped in breathable fibers

Imagine how much more beautiful the suburbs would be if they let native grasslands grow instead of lawns?

Or just enough trees and no grass and some lovely moss and ferns and other plants at the bass?

Sounds gorgeous.

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saw this on a (midwestern) limo’s bumper and imagined it as “town car” but in a hard non-rhotic boston accent

orb attack form: sphere
orb defense form: sphere
orb posting form: sphere

it is time to travel to NYC for pesah and: i hate traveling.

“oh it’s better on mobile” no it fucking isnt, it’s ‘better’ if you use proprietary apps purpose-built by the website to deliver ads and capture data, visiting most webpages in a regular mobile browser is a nightmare

the modern web is 100% a hellscape of trackers, popups, wall to wall ads, and autoplaying videos that make the browsing experience 1000% worse than hacky, unresponsive pre-web-2.0 HTML pages from the good old bad old days

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seeing as i, a relative dumbass who hasnt really played video james in a long time just got a new linux laptop and also only now learned what WINE is, what video james should i start playing

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@socialskeleton while i’ve got you on the line, what do you think of A Pattern Language?

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