you, tears in your eyes: you can't just call the protagonists of heroic literature himbos, being pretty and succeeding primarily through strength rather than guile is literally characteristic of the genre
me, pointing to beowulf: himbo

@lizardmentsh thank you for this toot, I've spent the last two minutes wondering "but what about Jason, from The Argonautica"

Mabinogi spoilers 

@lizardmentsh beowulf is really only like this for the first third though

@emacsomancer fair i kind of just went with the first one who leapt to mind


Tired: Hercules is a himbo

Wired: Mr. Bingley is a himbo

@lizardmentsh I wish I remember the mythology podcast I was listening to that had a voice actor who played Gilgamesh as such a himbo, you could hear the cleft in his chin

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