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mackenzie patreon: commit to $5 dollars a month and I'll read your name when i come out to someone

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@anarchiv someone else: oh so you think agriculture and reading glasses were bad ideas?
me: you naive fool, i think cell membranes might have been a step too far

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please follow me on the mastodon dot com instance known as cryptids dot online my handle is mcknze and i am commonly refered to as the orb i make incisive and witty commentary on being "online"

dont have anything to say other than jesus fucking christ this world

its both cool and fucked up that some japanese doll dress up game would be a powerful moment of self actualization

im a real cute bitch i like to play games and kick around but then i cry a bunch when anyone gets hurt

c'est la vie

im just trying to get across the steppe with my pastoralist friends. how about you fuck off?

people who talk about bandwagoning seem totally ignorant to me of the fact that wagons are a great way to get around with your band

actually you cant hurt me no one can not even that ugly thing i once was

@mcknze hmm... sorry bud but it i wanted to look like a clown i’d put on a freaking red nose and wig

most succinctly if someone was describing how to do something they'd sat: YOU would take x action and then YOU would do Y thing

im sure there's some actual linguistic terminology for what im describing maybe ill try and find it

does anyone know that like collective and hypothetical form of "you"

me, throwing filled sandbags into a question, this is going to be a heavy one: this motherfucker isnt going to know what hit them

ah fuck jer has faved this the jig is up i will soon be revealed as the imposter and fraud that i am

me looking out at the vast sum of my kickass banging toots: well shit how am i supposed to pick a favorite, that wouldnt be fair

oh you want to tell me about a thing well sure let me put my intense and intimate knowledge of the thing back behind here where you dont have to see it

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A small, private instance where a few cryptids may roam and play. Seek, but fear. The whole thing was birthed in a Denny's in 2016.