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dont talk about sex on this website you jackals

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whatever having a personality is i want nothing to do with it

my uncle is talking about pointing your bare arsehole at the sunrise. who the fuck off here has been talking to him

please enter your characters SOCIOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS

i will Understand if Skeleton is gonna ban me after my last toots

ok jer i think that was everything you missed

i hope my game is good when it it is finished because otherwise i sure will look like a fool for always running my mouth on here

doing bong rips out of Elefun the elephants' trunk

responding to "how was your weekend" with my thousand yard stare technique, instantly dealing 1d8 psychic damage to my unsuspecting co-worker

I wonder what your life is like if you buy upholstered, skirted chairs for your dining room

kj: "I didnt know if you wanted the silver color or the gold color, but then I remembered who the fuck you are and got gold." lmfao my gaudiness prevails

then i hit tacoma and i’m like “i bet real razorgirls don’t get stuck in traffic 😐”

every time i put on perturbator while driving to seattle it makes me feel like a razorgirl on her way to battle the cyberbezos

@mcknze 💖💖💖 thank you, i literally LIVE to trigger boomers

@mcknze they found some new dimensions, making us all look like fools

future generations referring to us as “scaleless” as though it were strange

bout to place the onus on some individuals!!

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