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she’s finally here, posting for you! it’s the worst member of the DK crew

deliver ya breakky we need breakky we’re the breakky boys

i rewatched mandy again last night, what an iconic piece of cinema

“nugget tell me nugget... did thanos deserve to have his head cut off? really... nugget what are you?” - @jojo

he’s going through all 30 of my house plants and reviewing them all like he’s the roger ebert of house plants or something

i’m simply calmly eating a sandwich while he spins around on the floor like homer simpson to bon iver

i’m just going to live toot post little fat lamb (four loko) jojo

“nugget you eat chicken everyday and you’re called nugget? do you know what this means? because i don’t”

“nugget don’t kiss me, there’s only one girl i want to kiss me and that’s queen elizabeth the third” - a @jojo that’s so drunk he can’t stand

currently watching an absolutely blasted jojo try and type words into the toot app

today @jojo and i had to rescue an echidna from my cousins yard, it involved a lot of screaming and blood

making jojo watch every single lady gaga music video because i can’t remember why but i love lady gaga

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