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🎶 take me down to echidna city where the mammals lay eggs but they still have titties 🎶

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i left eggs stream on inside for nugget and i have no idea why but she’s started barking, assuming somethings normal is happening

am i the only cryptic that doesn’t stream video james

i have 2 orchids, 2 monsteras, 1 pilea and one fig to re pot today baby, i’m gonna propagate the fuck out of everything

in case you haven’t seen it elsewhere this specific post is about the user max bedroom who deleted about 2 months ago when a few of the girls he was harassing blocked him

to my knowledge he was harassing as many as 7 people and i do not think that i’ll ever publicly go into what happened

now you can all stop dming me asking thanks

i ordered a burger king promotional Congo 1995 plastic watch off of ebay for $3 last night because i don’t know how to function properly

y’all ever talk about how people consistently dismissing inappropriate behaviour and the breach of people’s personal boundaries as meta/discourse/drama/whatever is one of the reasons why you and your mates will never be publicly discussing your experiences...

go to sleep and when you wake up... people are still doing it... mamma mia wowwee

shout out to bees for being the only other cryptid that has acknowledged the 50 pictures of old people holding large vegetables that i have posted in the cryptids discord

if your reaction to people talking about their experiences with being uncomfortable online is to say “oh what did I miss now” or whatever... just.... don’t, don’t do that

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A small, private instance where a few cryptids may roam and play. Seek, but fear. The whole thing was birthed in a Denny's in 2016.