for those that are new and haven’t witnessed the horrors that I’m capable of, here you go

@muppetbutler The real baby sluts were the friends we made along the way.


You are... THE TRUTH HUNTY!!! You fucking outsold. imma def buy something (once my poor ass gets coins... or get a bitch ass job lmfao)

@muppetbutler I've said it before but I really hate this

@muppetbutler I mean it's amazing, but there's so much going on it breaks my fragile brain

@muppetbutler I’ve been giggling about this for several minutes

@muppetbutler That’s horrifying in a brilliant way. Or perhaps it is brilliant in a horrifying way. In any case, do carry on. 👍

@muppetbutler this drawing caused me to physically die several consecutive times. good job!

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