if pixar really wanted the audience to understand the impact that humans have on the reef in finding nemo they would have let that little girl shake him to death in a bag

conservative american audiences are to blame for the vague moral compass in children’s cinema, they butcher powerful storytelling in order or coddle their children in this essay i will...

make 👏 your 👏 kids 👏 watch 👏 watership 👏 down 👏

@muppetbutler this is why I wanted Sgt Stubby to get more views. WWI trench warfare! Mustard gas! And a cute dog! :stubby:

@muppetbutler remember when Disney was all "nope, Bambi's mom is just fucking dead, you saw it. That's just his life now"

That was absolutely the first "holy shit" moment I ever had watching a movie, and I had to be like 6

@muppetbutler I haven't watched finding nemo but you have convinced me that nemo is a piece of shit

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