tobey maguire’s nipples do not look like what i had imagined

this is not a shit post, i want to fuck the green goblin

@muppetbutler It ready? It's too early in the morning for me to be writing words on the internet I think.

@muppetbutler The goblin or willem dafoe as the goblin? bc he's amazing looking.

@muppetbutler @adoxographer

According to Lars Von Trier, William Dafoe has such a 'comically huge penis' that he had to get an average sized penis double for any scene where he was naked to stop the movie from becoming funny.

I feel like this is an important fact.

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@muppetbutler one of the head chefs @ my bf’s culinary training center looked EXACTLY like willem dafoe and everyone called him that behind his back. anyway I just wanna say, I Understand

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