i was in hospital the day donkey kong 64 came out and my dad brought our n64 and the game into the hospital and set it up in the room for me

seeing the dk rap for the first time made my heart rate go up so high that nurses came in to check on me

@bee i think this is the most on brand thing that’s ever happened

@muppetbutler im going to tell this story to everyone i know whenever the dk rap comes up

@muppetbutler honestly this toot without context is almost better than the story itself

@muppetbutler I was out from school with a long mystery illness (intense headaches that didn't really respond to any treatment) when Chrono Trigger came out. Special memories there.

@muppetbutler wow... you became a celebrity overnight!!! try not to forget me

@muppetbutler @gayalien yes, 44 of them! thanks' for inspiring me to expand this universe, sis

@gayalien @brosadist @muppetbutler He's our president, win or lose and wheater or not u agree with him, u gotta respect the grind.


I literally have tears in my eyes from laughing. This is beautiful

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