the new meme is Drake Bell's leaked porn pics and videos

this is making me realize/remember how skinny cis dicks are lmao

@root @gayalien cis culture is going to the gym and doing reps with your dick but never getting #swole

@jojo @root working on the vascularity of my skinny cis dick

@gayalien @root trying to inflate my girthless cis peen but instead just getting painful air bubbles throughout my internals

@gayalien @root love it when someone misinterprets the word “blowjob” and tries to inflate my tiny cis dick (I’m done now)

@jojo @gayalien @root lol my friend's cousin back in high school was kind of naive

and her bf asked her for a blowjob

he was uncircumcised

so she blew up his foreskin like a balloon

@burgin @gayalien @jojo @muppetbutler @ben @root can't wait for me and nine of my friends to turn a few casual drinks into pixar's Up #foreskinballoon

@jojo @knownrobes @burgin @muppetbutler @ben @root preparing to withstand the pressure of the ocean by surrounding myself in a protective

@jojo @muppetbutler @gayalien @burgin I, phileas fogg accept the challenge to suck your whole balls to your ass in 80 days #ForeskinBalloon

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