sorry everyone but i spent hours making this so you have to look at it

@muppetbutler I'm angry, but also deeply proud of this artwork and am greater for it.

I showed it to my wife and she just sighed wearily gj

@muppetbutler I feel like I’m talking to the next Andy Warhol here.

@muppetbutler wow someone sure wants to wear this to look handsome in church

@muppetbutler tall people problems: could probably get this but only be able to wear as a croptop

@muppetbutler Im excited to finally see this masterpiece, and I gotta say, to answer the question:

They talk collectively, both bc that's mostly how toes work AND bc Devito is a comrade

@muppetbutler brooko are you making these into shirts or something? I want this forever, even if it's just a sticker from redbubble or something

Great Scott!
Why? Just why??

I laughed but I regret that 😶

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