troy- 28

hobbies include punching drywall and calling 12 year olds in thrasher t shirts posers


I cant deal with your ass tonight jesus lmfaooooo the zaddy energy jumped Out :baphomet:


You always come thru cuz I forgot what I was doing already lmaoo

@muppetbutler brooko is 23rd major arcana "the sk8r" confirmed

@muppetbutler u owe me for that grip tape bro. just bring me tinnies to the park later and we're cool

@knownrobes we laugh but i payed several people in tinnies to move furniture for me yesterday

@muppetbutler I'd let Troy add to my emotional baggage! I've been lookin' for a new topic for therapy.

@muppetbutler they are posers. Every 12 year old is a poser, actually.

@muppetbutler i feel like you were into NiN before they blew up

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