socialism is when the government does a thing. praxis is when a poor person does a thing. eldritch is when something has a tentacle

oh also a sandwich is when two things are touching and sometimes with a thing between it. so like when bigfoot crushes your head between his hands that's a sandwich

@nuttgodd fighting fascism is the real fascism give me a book deal and a movie to show of my hardcore PRAXIS

@nuttgodd this is fake news, we all know bigfoot would lovingly embrace all of our faces and give us a kiss before crushing us with his juicy, bare hands

@Ophillous i give each piece of salami a little smooch before i put it on the bread

@nuttgodd I was going to make a "this is how white boys give the coochie a little smoochie" joke but the first result for "gif of someone kissing salami" is hardcore gay porn so I am NOT gonna find that while I'm at work

@nuttgodd Praxis is when you over-mine your asteroid with very insufficient safety precautions :P

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