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whenever i cum it sounds like a civil war musket going off

@redcosmonaut kids are really good at doing auto-pilot on trauma because they dont have the vocabulary for what is so fucked up for them and thats sort of what gundam is about to a degree, but like bright is in that in between point where he clearly has more understanding of his exact trauma but literally can not do anything about it, its one of the most interesting things to think about in that show for me. anyways heres bright noa eating a hamburger

@redcosmonaut me at 16 watching gundam: god dude why is bright such an asshole, hes the adult here he needs to act like it
me now: the increase in emotional control and readiness to be any type of a leader barely changed for me going from 15 to 19, how is bright even fucking doing this at all

"Listen Kai, you're a full grown adult. So why do you have to be so mean to everyone all the time."

Oh Amuro, you tiny little baby

i failed my vibe check, banned from having vibes for 12 hours. total bullshit

if i were in pokemon id be one of those dumbasses who stands in such a way that it is easy to just walk right past me if you feel like

the earth federation is socialist cause the gundam carries a red shield with a star on it

this guy was mean to amuro on gundam 79 and I got sad, so I know I'm h i g h

Virginia is for lovers but Utah is for haters!!! Never stepping foot in Salt Lake City until my bitch-ass Uncle Stuart either moves or dies!

Tater tots > French fries (McDonald's) > French fries > onion rings > sweet potato fries

If I met Frank ocean I would simply ask him when blond is finally going to release

queer indigenous-mix bat here to remind you that tomorrow is not "columbus day", but it is indigenous peoples day

support indigenous peoples, all across the globe. fuck colonizers

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