There is a deep, deep rot at the heart of FOSS

@redcosmonaut *looks at Wikipedia’s track record re something as simple as gender parity let alone race and not-deadnaming trans folks* he lives in that white male bubble where it doesn’t affect him so it’s all hypotheticals and “ideals”

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@sweetmercury "On the one hand, this website spawned several mass shooters and it's leadership not-so-tacitly approves of the website being used as place for neonazis to gather and plan to kill people. on the other, someone told me it isn't like that so who is to say if it's bad really"

@sweetmercury @redcosmonaut @OCRbot also: no of course you can't use your .social account to post on a gab instance, they're different accounts? i can't log into facebook on wikipedia dot org?

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@sweetmercury @redcosmonaut @OCRbot but yeah, like, a) freedom of speech is a freedom from government censorship, and has nothing to do with masto, but also b) fuck the free speech of nazis??


@burgin @redcosmonaut this is the same level as the Proud Liberal who was like “I’ll defend Nazis” after Spencer got clocked. Like, how does it get that bad in someone’s head they don’t even have the moral courage to say “Nazis are bad”

@sweetmercury @burgin I am looking at his time line, and he is defending trump's free speech in social media summit thing. I think he might just literally be a fellow traveler to these kinds of people

@burgin @redcosmonaut @OCRbot he’s already reached the critical stage of “zero understanding of a new technology but criticizing it anyway”


@StaleWhiteBread @sweetmercury @OCRbot after reading his profile I am extremely leaning towards the latter now




they're paying him?

doesn't he have to deal with endless neonazi rewrites on wikipedia? i guess not.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @redcosmonaut He hasn't had anything to do with Wikipedia in 15+ years. He went off and started his own encyclopedia, with blackjack and hook---I mean, where the authority of experts would be respected. It was called Citizendium, nobody used it, and it decayed into a morass of pseudoscience.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @redcosmonaut Interesting bit from that page: << For instance, in 2006 Women's Studies and Ethnic Studies professors began joining Citizendium. Sanger refused to recognise these as genuine fields of endeavour, saying "I do not want to make CZ 'politically correct,' i.e., appealing especially to one (largely American/Western/Left) ideology," and refused to give them any place in Citizendium's structure. >>

@bstacey @redcosmonaut

in the future, AI will ensure every single person on Earth has their own Wikipedia that caters to their personal biases. no two wikis will agree, and everyone will go around with a smug, self-satisfied look on their face, knowing that they are indisputably right.

@redcosmonaut Now, keeping the Paradox of Tolerance in mind, I would love to know what motivated @lsanger has to say about that. Really hard to defend giving fascists a platform.

@redcosmonaut He's a libertarian. That explains exactly why he has the position he has.

Of course having an open network where everybody can federate freely with everyone else sounds like a great idea, until you realise that some people are simply not capable of behaving. That's where the libertarian view falls flat.

Just like A has a right to say what they want, B has a right to not have to live in fear.

@redcosmonaut he knows he has no power and is just asking.

i think he's wrong because sometimes everyone down the street building a big hulking wall is the best neighbourly fence available.

@redcosmonaut @er1n found it.

> I’m a libertarian. We are not generally treated nicely by leftists, I have found.

(As opposed to nazis, who are famous for treating everyone nicely.)

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